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Monteverde - Santa Elena
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Monteverde is one of the most famous names around the world for nature lovers, and is also one of the best-preserved spaces of the tropical cloud forest.

Inside this mystic reserve, the trails will guide you to a magical world of evergreen forests, where the trees have plenty of mosses, lianas and plants as their main residents. From the green heights, hundreds of orchids display their amazing beauty and from far away, their colors contrast with the dense foliage, caressed by the clouds. 

This incredible earthly paradise has tons of wildlife everywhere: birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and an impressive collection of insects that keep this cloud forest in constant activity. Close to the Monteverde Biological Reserve of the Cloud Forest you will find the Santa Elena Reserve of the Cloud Forest, which offers its visitors another fascinating scenery of intense biodiversity. Here you will find the famous quetzal and howler monkeys, as well as coatis and hummingbirds of bright colors. Many other species live in this refuge full of imposing trees and beautiful ferns.

The town of Santa Elena is very well organized and you can find everything in a very small area: bank branch offices, post office, Internet Cafes, public clinic, Red Cross office, private medical clinics, supermarkets, grocery stores, tourist information centers, gas station, schools and language centers, besides a large offer of souvenirs and handcrafts stores, among others. Many businesses make this community very active. 

The residents of Monteverde and Santa Elena usually work in commerce, such as agricultural processes or tourist activities, and are part of a diverse community where you will find Costa Ricans as well as immigrants from all over the world.

Accommodations and gastronomy
There are many places to stay in Monteverde and Santa Elena, with cabins, hostels, lodges and hotels from where to choose, for everyone and for every budget. Most of them are located along the street that goes to the park and offer the perfect amenities to make your stay more than pleasing.

Some of the largest hotels offer a wonderful scenery of the Gulf of Nicoya, with incredibly beautiful sunsets. The largest hotels of the zone offer cozy spaces for relaxing and they also have services like restaurants, spas, gyms, and some have outdoor swimming pools, ensuring the visitor a moment for comfort after a day full of activities in the park or in its surroundings. Most of these places are classified as mountain hotels and their architecture is rich in wooden details and decorations, where the warmth of fireplaces is soothing and definitely a must. 

The lodges here offer charming and comfortable wooden cabins with hot water and cable TV. A/C is unnecessary because altitude weather is usually very fresh. The cabins are located apart from the main lobby and the restaurant, which helps create a more intimate environment. Cabins are also an excellent low-budget option and offer quality services in their different facilities.

Monteverde and Santa Elena also have a very wide range of cuisines. This place is not only a natural paradise, but also gastronomic, with local and international dishes. The diversity of options has been growing thanks to the contributions of some foreigners that have established their new homes in this zone. The restaurants of the hotels represent a large part of this delicious menu, which is complemented with specialized restaurants and other small restaurants distributed in the town of Santa Elena and along the road that goes to the Monteverde Biological Reserve. 

There are restaurants that serve vegetarian dishes, supporting the concept of healthy food, pizzerias, which are the most popular restaurants of the zone, and some other restaurants that combine Italian specialties with other exquisite international dishes. The heat of wooden ovens warms up the spirit of those who dine in the restaurants, offering as well magnificent dishes for a memorable evening.

Here you will find many different cuisines, such as Swiss dishes, like their famous cheese fondues, French meals with delicate flamb preparations, Middle Eastern dishes, such as pita bread, hummus and falafel, which are accompanied by live music, and new Latin American cuisine, where exotic fruits like cashews and guavas are carefully mixed with meats and seafood. 

The small restaurants that are located close to the bus station of Santa Elena prepare delicious meals like casados and other typical Costa Rican dishes. The signs of affection displayed in their walls make these places the favorite spots of many tourists from all over the world that have visited this zone.

In this region, adventure is everywhere and the exceptional conditions of the land allow the practice of extreme activities and sports like canopying. Here you will find some of the most exciting canopy tours of the country, which have incredibly long cables that go over mountains. Another interesting attraction is walking through hanging bridges at different heights inside the forest, which allows you to look closely to the vegetation from different points of view and therefore observe all the life the grows on trees. You can also visit permanent exhibits in frog ponds, serpentariums and butterfly farms, or visit one of the largest insect collections in the world. Among other activities, you can walk through the reserves, take horseback riding tours, visit cheese factories and trapiches (rustic sugar cane processors) or take exciting ATV tours.

Monteverde and Santa Elena are full of fascinating sceneries, delicious food, thrilling activities for all your senses and wonderful people, which altogether ensure an unforgettable stay. The visitors become one with nature as nature merges back with them and covers them with its imposing presence, with the intention of protecting all their natural treasures.

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